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CloudHit simplifies, speeds up and unifies the usage of applications in multiple cloud providers through the usage of a single interface.


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About CloudHit

CloudHit is a multi-provider Cloud Management Platform, supporting AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. With it you can create, manage and visualize all your resources exactly the same way no matter where they are running.

Visualize your environments

Our interface enables you to work with multiple providers in the same way and have complete visibility and management of your resources no matter where they are.

Drag & Drop Infrastructure

Define your architecture once and launch it in all providers. We take care of provider-specific details and differences for you so you can focus on what really matters: your applications.

Easily provision and use Kubernetes

It has never been so simple and easy to work with Kubernetes. Provision clusters and workloads with just a few clicks, and benefit from provider-managed solutions that ensure the highest possible levels of availability and least need of maintenance in your environments.


Why you should choose CloudHit.

Ease of Choice:

  • See how much your environment would cost in multiple cloud providers
  • Launch your environment on different providers without having to recreate it
  • Clone existing environments with a couple of clicks

Optimized Operations:

  • Reduce your team's need to know provider-specific details
  • Launch your environments much faster
  • Ensure that your environment is configured as specified
  • Create custom offerings and make them available to users

Cost Reduction:

  • Centralize billing information
  • Say goodbye to resources that are "left behind" in your accounts
  • Create schedules to turn on and off your instances

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